Montfalcó Walkways Route: reopening of the spectacular hike in Huesca

Are you looking for an impressive activity to spend an incredible day of rural tourism in Huesca? You’re lucky! The Montfalcó walkways route has just reopened its access after almost a year closed.
These walkways, located in the spectacular canyon of Mont-rebei (congosto de Mont-rebei in Spanish) are the most famous of Huesca, along with the walkways of the river Vero, in Alquézar, and without a doubt one of the most incredible activities that can be enjoyed in the area, perfect for groups or even families.

From the first walkway of this route, which is an ideal activity for groups and even families, you can already observe the vertical walls of Catalonia and Aragon
It is a great plan even suitable for families with kids

If you have in mind doing this adventure in your rural tourism getaway in the north of Spain, our accommodation, Sidro·Co, located less than an hour from the start of the route, is the perfect place to stay and enjoy amazing activities like this. We are right in the middle between the Alquézar and Montfalcó walkway routes!

Daring walkways and rural tourism: a perfect combination

The Montfalcó walkways are a series of footbridges suspended from the rock, built to allow hikers to cross the gorge safely and enjoy panoramic views previously only suitable for birds. These walkways offer a unique experience, literally walking on the wall and feeling the emotion of being over the void.

An incomparable rural setting near Graus

The Mont-Rebei Canyon, located in the Ribagorza region of Huesca, is a natural area of indescribable beauty. Its imposing rocky walls and the Noguera Ribagorzana river create a spectacular landscape that has captivated nature, hiking and climbing lovers for years.

The experience of walking along vertiginous rocky walls

The route consists of two walkways: the first is 90 meters long, in which you will ascend 30 m. through its 139 steps. The second one, slightly longer, has 215 steps, with which you will climb 44 m. in its 120 m. of length.
But this is not all, because after finishing the second footbridges, you will have the opportunity to cross an incredible suspension bridge, suspended in the air, which will take you to the other side of the Noguera Ribagorzana river, from where you will be able to have completely different views.

Apart from the walkways, there is an amazing suspension bridge

Basic information on the route and access

The Montfalcó walkways trailhead is at the Montfalcó refuge, where there is a free car park where you can leave your car without problems. To get there, you have to take the detour towards Viacamp from the N-230 road. As for the state of the road… don’t worry! It can be reached with a car without any problem, since the old track is paved in its entirety (except for the last few meters, which are still fine.)

Once you have left the car, you will have to walk an approximation along a beautiful downhill path of approximately 2.5 kilometres. Remember that once the route is finished, you have to return through the same place.

Accommodation for groups and families in Secastilla

If you are thinking of doing this incredible adventure in Ribagorza, Huesca, our rural accommodation, Sidro Co, has a capacity for up to 10 people and is the ideal place to stay. In addition, its privileged location in the beautiful village of Secastilla offers a cozy and quiet environment to relax after a day full of emotions.

Views from above some walkways in the rocky walls, bringing the vertigo to some people.
Do you dare to look down while you walk through them?

Enjoy a getaway with friends in Graus

At Sidro·Co we specialize in accommodation for groups in the Graus area, so we can adapt everything perfectly to your needs. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, we have spacious and comfortable rooms that guarantee a pleasant stay. In addition, there have facilities and services, both in the house and around the village, designed to provide comfort and entertainment to our guests, such as a large-capacity dining room, children’s playground, pickleball court and much more.

Views of the Montfalcó walkways from the bottom.
The walls are completely vertical

Adventure activities from our rural house

Apart from the exciting experience on the Montfalcó walkways route, the regions of Ribagorza and Somontano offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy during your stay. From astonishing hikes to visits to charming medieval villages, there is always something exciting to discover here. The advantage of being in the middle of the two? That if you stay with us, you can enjoy both regions without problem.

The best active tourism of Huesca

If you are an adventure lover, you can practice mountain sports, such as mountain biking, climbing or canyoning, in the spectacular landscapes of the area. In addition to taking a good dip and cooling off in any of the two reservoirs that we have five minutes away from home, Barasona and El Grado, you can also explore the rich local gastronomy and delight yourself with the traditional dishes offered by the restaurants and wineries of Ribagorza and Somontano.

Don’t think about it! This summer book with us and experience the magic of Huesca

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