4 fascinating legends of El Turbón: the magic mountain of the Pyrenees

El Turbón, imposing and majestic, stands as one of the most emblematic mountains of Huesca and the Pyrenees of Aragón. But its greatness is not limited to its natural beauty.

This magical mountain has been home to numerous legends and myths passed down from generation to generation, making it a magical and enigmatic place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the more interesting tales surrounding El Turbón, diving into its mysticism.

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Views to El Turbón summit to the rest of the Pyrenees, including some of their snowed summits.
Views from El Turbón to the Pyrenees and some of their snowed summits. Photo courtesy of Álvaro Nueve Veinte

Just 45 minutes from our rural house in Secastilla, in Ribagorza, we decided to bring you four amazing legends about this beautiful mountain, which is undoubtedly a great excursion plan if you stay in Secastilla, Graus or the area.
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We did this short video from our last climb!


Because as the writer Rafael Andolz said it, witches from all over the Pyrenees had a predilection for this mountain for their covens every Friday night of the year… There, they venerated the Evil One, who appeared turned into a goat and emerged from the cavities of the mountain, and the witches danced and received the appropriate instructions on the evils that they had to cause in the coming days.
In fact, there are several places that are known to be related to this story, such as the Fuente de la Pedreña (font of La Pedreña), where they hit three boxwood branches to then rise into the air, causing storms, some say, or the Forat d’as bruixas (hole of the witches), his abode.

The valley of San Adrián and El Turbón mountain are home to some of the most well-known legends of Huesca
The interior valley of San Adrián, creating the shape of a horseshoe. Photo from Álvaro Nueve Veinte


A mythical dragon lived among the caves of the mountain that instilled great fear among the people of the surrounding area because it decimated their cattle. The wise people of the place managed to negotiate with the dragon: they would give him food in exchange for him not getting in the way of their flocks.
One fine day, the dragon stopped collecting his sheep. It is believed that he is asleep by the channels of the massif

From El Turbón you have great views to other mountains of the Pyrenees and near Ainsa.
Views in the way up: north face of Sierra Ferrera, Peña Montañesa and Cotiella, amongst others


There are those who have been able to see a giant roaming the mountain, and they say that a shepherd, hidden and scared to death, discovered the hail man of El Turbón (Ome Granizo in Aragonese) while he was throwing two huge rocks to the locals.
The giant, other times, climbs to the summit and its blows become strong gales that announce the storm. Could it be for this reason that it is said that it is at the top of El Turbón where all storms form?

“When the fog covers El Turbón, there will be storm in all Aragón”

Hiking in El Turbón is one of the best activities you can do around Graus
Photo courtesy of Álvaro Nueve Veinte


The uplift of Turbón and its massif happened in the initial moments of the formation of the Pyrenees, so we can consider this mountain as one of the oldest in the chain. And it is said that the gods themselves chose its peak to build, at the time of the Deluge, a mythological forge that produces all the sparks and lightning storms. And speaking of deluges… did you know that it is believed that it was here that Noah’s ark ran aground when the water level dropped after the global flood?

Summits of El Turbón

These are just some of the stories being told around. Of course, there are many more, from faerie washerwomen who ruffled the shepherds’ cattle to goblins who are associated with some rare phenomena that occur in the area.

In short, El Turbón is a magical mountain that has captivated entire generations with its legends and traditions. If you have the opportunity to visit it, do not hesitate to do so, you may also be able to discover some of its secrets and immerse yourself in the magic of this impressive place.
From our rural house, Sidro·Co, we encourage you to do it, because there are infinite routes for all levels and from all sides. Also, Secastilla is near and the roads are good.

El Turbón mountain has many different trails and ways of going up
Photo courtesy of Álvaro Nueve Veinte

In our Wikiloc profile we leave you this track of the recent route we did, starting from the village of Las Vilas del Turbón. It is a route of little difficulty, little technical and that, in the summer period, can be done with the family, of course: always with the appropriate material, consulting and taking into account the weather beforehand and taking plenty of food and drink, especially if you go with kids.
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